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Srijut begins to tell his story about the time when he was a tax collector at Barich. Strir Patra The letter from the wife has to be one of the earliest depictions in Bengali literature of such bold emancipation of women. She is intelligent and outspoken which annoys her husband and in-laws. This is a beautiful collection of short stories. Another one of Tagore stories that explores the relationship of a husband-wife.

Celebrating Ganesh Chaturti. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. When Giribala hears about Latika, she decides to go and see the actress but it is the theatre that captures the eyes of Giribala. Rahmun comes everyday to meet Mini and Mini anxiously waits for him.

List of works by Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore was a man with many talents. About Rabindranath Tagore. In youth Tagore likely agreed with him. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. In an amber chiaroscuro of a bygone era it details a range of moods from the stark to the tender.

Tagore-At Home in the World. Stories by Rabindranath Tagore.

6 A Wife s Letter (Strir Patra)

This story demonstrates a conflict between the ideas of Western culture and revolution against the Western culture which Tagore had with himself. Travelling alone she writes a letter, which comprehends the story. In fit of rage, Gopinath and the director fight and soon Gopinath and Latika elope.

Although the stories are somewhat driven by fates, the protagonists are original in their actions, and the themes linger in mind long after I put them down. Can you guide me in how to go about reading a book. He directed television shows belonging to various genres and went on to make films that received immense audience and critical appreciation, establishing himself as a successful Indian film director.

Rabindranath Tagore's short story collection was often loose ended and extremely brief, so much so that the collection can be done with in a few hours if you're a quick reader. But he does seem to work with curiosity, insight and compassion to tell a rich variety of stories. Works by Rabindranath Tagore Lists of stories Indian short stories.

Selected short stories of Rabindranath Tagore. The Hungry Stones is completely different from other short stories of Rabindranath Tagore. These are just some of the best short stories by Rabindranath Tagore. Somnath Maitra he Runaway and Other Stories.

Masterly storytelling, enhanced by a superb translation. The emotions expressed by the characters of their love, fear, hate anger, jealousy related to people or things in their life is something which everyone could relate to. Previous article Most Badass Business Women. The postmaster is transferred to remote village from Calcutta and misses his life back in the city. After that comes the misery of awakening, anuhea simple love song mp3 and then once again the longing to get back into the maze of the same mistakes.

Essays on Bengali prosody. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Every story in this collection is beautiful and unique in its own way. Explore the history and flavors of regional Indian cuisine, from traditional Kashmiri feasts to the vegetarian dishes of Gujarat. Learn more More Like This.

Srijut ignores old man and decides to stay at the palace. No other language in the entire world can capture the exact emotion. There are some expressions that are innate and inherent to one specific language. The narrator of the story is traveling with his kinsman and meets Srijut while waiting at a junction for a train. Must read to get a brief glimpse of Tagore's literary world.

6 A Wife s Letter (Strir Patra)

The housewarming, and other selected writings. Top Health Tips for Women. When money and love collide which will survive the battle? There is diversity of representation and each story is nuanced with many shades of grey. This is the kind of sloppy execution that makes a lot of Tagore's writing disappointing, especially when other sections are crafted with so much more skill and care.

Rabindranath Tagore Short Stories English Hindi & Bengali List

The show is set in old Kolkata. Thee was a huge variety of stories, realistic ones dealing with social issues, to the supernatural. The subtlety and simplicity with which Sir Tagore writes, compliments the old Indian times of Calcutta and places around it. Also a comprehensive glossary of Hindu terms encountered, a family-tree of family and map of Padma River area.


Arabian, Indian, and Islamic. Unfortunately, the postmaster falls sick. In the end, Charu and Bhupati part ways. Unfortunately, Rahmun is jailed for few years and over the time Mini forgets him.

List of works by Rabindranath TagoreList of works by Rabindranath Tagore


Sensing her loneliness, Bhupati invites his cousin Amol. Bhupati has inherited family wealth but he is more interested in writing. Watching tv during dinner is a family ritual in our house. He had early success as a writer in Bengal and is well known worldwide for his novels, essays, short stories, travelogues, dramas, and thousands of songs. It turns out that he has run away from his home and has been wandering around ever since.

They all carry a certain set of emotions along with some life lessons. Basu produced a colossal set, and also filmed on location and used authentic costumes.

You should probably read this to properly understand, not only bengal but the journey of india as a society. Short stories are my least favourite genre of literature. With many of Tagore's stories, there has been more than one translation by more than one translator. Amazing short stories which bridge time and space as only real classics can do. Ratan becomes his nurse but the postmaster begins to feel more unhappy in the village and applies for his transfer.

He soon starts going to the theatre everyday and soon gets infatuated by Latika. And his stories that center around some way in which a woman is oppressed by her husband, etc. Although written with respect to a society which dated back almost a century back the style in which the emotions are displayed can be related to even today. Prev Article Next Article.

Selected Short Stories