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But when brands are established ego tends to take over. To restore the page to its full glory!

And in Safari preferences, konqueror you can see any passwords that have been used more than once and easily update them. Safari on Nokia - funny one that opens up to reveal a full keyboard.

Start a Discussion in Apple Support Communities. Once stored, your passwords will autofill across all your Apple devices. Private Browsing Keep your online activities private with a single click. Looking for a site you visited in the past but can't quite remember? This is the French version.

Also branded by each Operator such as Vodafone, Orange etc. Ask other users about this article. With Bookmarks in Safari, your favorite sites are always close at hand.

May be they should check out Dillo the world-leader in short strings! The Story of the World Wide Web. Wonder how many times they will change the name before it's released just musing out loud.

Motorola Milestone - top string is default lower one is in desktop mode. Hey what do we know - clearly not a lot. Additionally, a new Power Saver feature pauses Plugins which are not in use. Keep in mind that some websites require cookies in order to load some features. Now, we can also use window.

But that would make a boring title. Huawei Ascend Y - string from an Iranian contributor.

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Google Chrome for Windows. All because of some stupid revolving image that looked as if the phone was being thrown into a furnace. But I guess if you are sitting on a gazillion billion dollars you can afford the occasional flop. Blackberry Torch with software upgrade Safari version number change. Apparently this is when in desktop mode, when switched to mobile mode the string looks like that below.

Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 83

Safari now thwarts this by only sharing a simplified system profile, making it more difficult for data companies to identify and track you. Mostly tablets and other mobile thingies. Fairly modest size string for a mobile device - remember you are paying for this air-time. For those of us being threatened with reduced rankings if our site is not mobile friendly here is google's mobile test page.

The license has common terms against reverse engineering, copying and sub-licensing, except parts that are open source, and it disclaims warranties and liability. And is great if you need to exercise your thumbs.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Maybe we are too pessimistic. This smartphone is probably smarter than its owners! Comparison lightweight History List for Unix Usage share.

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Android aThingies Anything which is not recognisably a major brand our definition - but we can be corrupted by massive infusions of marketing dollars is placed here. Tips Cookies help websites remember who you are and what your preferences are. Surf seamlessly across all your devices.

An Opte Project visualization of routing paths through a portion of the Internet. Is this article up to date? Guides Book Index Outline.

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The Barnes and Noble's answer to your read-it-on-your-screen needs. Have a favorite site where you always want videos to play? Just click the play button if you want to view them. And please do be careful how you pronounce it in mixed company - and never after imbibing even vaguely alchoholic liquids.

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Same phone Wi as below with Opera Mini. It included muting tabs and pinned tabs. Information infrastructure. Security has never been so user friendly.