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You can then continue this accurate information by giving LinkWare to your customers so they can download your results and continue managing their data. Tantalum, Tin, Tungsten, and Gold. Basic Snap Action Switches.

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Twistnet Communications Ltd. The Pages setting places lines between each page of a continuous label that has multiple pages defined. The worst pair is identified in the text column with worst margin and worst value numbers.

Sorting your reports LinkWare's advanced sort features allow you to find the information you need, quickly and easily. Corning Accessories Splice protection devices and kits. We also carry a full line of all consumer communications equipment. Circuit Breaker Accessories.

Until now, cable identification, certification and management have not been integrated. Fully press and then release the cutter button. Cool Telecom Products High technology and interesting telecom products.

LinkWare provides you with multiple sorting fields to give you maximum flexibility for organizing your data. Shopping from outside North America? Phone System Quick Installation Cables. Advanced Serialization Options The serialization tool includes several advanced options for customizing labels.

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Creating a Date Tool The date tool should be accessed from the home screen. Connector and Crimp Tooling. The bar code tool can be printed with or without a checksum digit or human readable text.

Alphabetic serialization allows even more! Phone Equipment Accessories Find the replacement handset and phone parts that you need. To access the second screen press the down directional arrow twice after Increment.

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Surface Raceway Equipment Surface Raceway systems for cabling and wiring. The setup menu should be accessed from the home screen. With LinkWare, you just merge the new cabling link reports into an existing project. The data tool is very useful for customizing labels because it allows up to one hundred unique labels to be created from a list of data. If you visit more than one site in a day you can quickly import the saved data from your tester.

The file transfer driver installation is complete. Miniature Circuit Breakers.

Following wizard prompts, users can rapidly, accurately and neatly generate required required labeling. PanTherLink software must already be installed on your computer. Create professional custom reports, quickly and easily LinkWare Software prints professional, graphical reports with color graphs depicting the measured test parameters. Each of these settings may be turned on or off independently.


Warranty Information This warranty is void if the Panduit tools or printers are modified, altered or misused in any way. This provides the ability to import data, upgrade the printer operating system, burger island 2 full version for and print labels from Panduit Easy-Mark Labeling Software.

Text will be entered at the position of the cursor. LinkWare stats functionality is included in LinkWare. Enersys Conflict Minerals Disclosure. The advanced serialization options are Print As and Place On. Frequently Asked Questions The cutter blade should be cleaned periodically or whenever adhesive build-up appears.

Dymo Corporation brand of Newell Rubbermaid Inc. Use the right or left directional arrow keys to select the desired file. Electronic components can, and in some cases might, contain these minerals that potentially originate from the conflict area.

Arcoelectric of Elektron Technology Corp. Topics Safety Productivity Reliability. The file name will disappear so that you can rename and save the file as a. Import all the data from the cable testers into one project.

Label files are stored and recalled within File Manager. Printer and Null Modem Cables.

When prompted, select New Blank File. Copper Cable Testers and Tone Generators. Central Office Twisted Pair Cable.

If the cutter blade breaks for any reason, it should be returned to Panduit for repair. Easy-Mark Labeling Software quickly and easily assists in creating identification solutions for data centers, network applications, panel shops, construction and maintenance applications.

Punch Down Tools and Termination Tools. However, traditional component distribution activities, such as those performed by Allied, are not within the scope of the bill's reporting requirements.

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Your customer now benefits from all of the easy access and user-friendly features available with LinkWare. Tool bars give you easy access to the most common functions. The serialization, bar code, and graphic import options of Pan-Mark Labeling Software streamline the process of careful labeling.

Press the key to accept the changes and to return to the home screen. Save previous label if necessary. Answering Machines Telephone answering machines for home and business use. The second screen includes Copies and Collate.