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Chaturdashi, Ashtami and such other Vrataas require that day meal is not permitted. Sakhanda Tithi is what obtains less than that time. Ayanaas are of two kinds viz. Then a new Yagnopavita is worn.

To undertake all Mangala Karyaas or Auspicious Deeds fifteen ghadiyas before and there after ought to be avoided. The painting is as beautiful as I whished!

In case of Karka Samkrani, the Punya Kaala is slated for the next day. This is said to be very good for the rishis who are considered to be old and don't have teeth. The Ganaas are invoked into a rice spreading and worshipped, after which request Lord Narayana to be pleased. Akhanda is divided in two parts viz.

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Nirnaya Sindhuvu is originally a Sanskrit Text. The Vrata with Upavaasa needs to be performed formally as per prescribed Mantraas and Brahmana Bhojana. Send as free online greeting card. Newly initiated Vratas or Udyaapanas of Vratas should not be performed in Mala Maasaas, Amavasyaas, or khanda tithis or of carry forward thithis. Khanda Tithi is denoted by the same tithi of the pratha kaala which lasts at least upto the madhyaahna.


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Thus, Lord Brahma was in a fix that he was not able to save the holy and all eternal Vedas from theft and prayed to Lord Vishnu to do the needy. By subscribing, you will receive our email newsletters and product updates, no more than twice a month.


Panchami, Dashami and Purnimas copulation is barred. Adhika Maasa and Kshaya Maasa. The Sandhis are four kinds viz. Patience, calmness and truthfulness ought to be the hallmarks.

In case both Ekadashi and Dwadashi happen to be on the same Tithi, then the previous capsule of time is preferred for Upavaasa. Passing urine ends up in poverty and bad luck. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

Posted in Personal Growth. Again, twelve days after the death of a person requiring obsequies ought be executed even in a Mala Masa.

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Thus, if Surya grahana is in the early morning, then nothing should be consumed for four yaamas before. Kautilya Arthashastra Kannada. Proxies are allowed only nitya-naimittika karmas if inevitable. Kindly ensure my good health.

Sponsored products related to this item. In the connected tasks, perfomance of ghee homaas are included. Widows performing any Vrata must wear white clothes only and not coloured vastra. Firewalking Sanskara Temple dance. Excellent e-commerce website with the most exceptional, rare nirnaya sindhu sought after authentic India items.

Tantra Shastra Pravesha Kannada. Like wise, Sundays falling on Saptamis and Tuesdays on Chaturshis are auspicious. The Shraaddha of those who die in Shudda Maasaas should not be done in Mala Maasa but should be done in the following Shudda Maasa only. Any woman who prays to Savitri and worships her and treats virtuous women with food and gifts would never lose her husband till she dies herself. Like wise Yagnaanga Vikrutis are of two kinds viz.

Nirnaya Sindhuvu-Part I

The learning of the Vedas begins in the month of Shraavana with a Upakarma and is temporarily terminated in Magha with an Utsarjana ritual, to be restarted in the next Shravan. Nirnaya Sindhuvu is a reference book through. About Me gopalakrishna View my complete profile.

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Nirnaya Sindhuvu-Part I