Mowgli Game For Pc

Here you will have to jump on leaves, platforms, and even parrots to reach the top. Your logical reasoning is of great important in this game as it will enable you know the right thing to do at any point in time when presented with different kinds of challenges.

That means you will be tested in different ways and your ability to remain alert against the dangers will give you chance to get to the level you want. King Louie will not just allow you collect and consume the honey drop in the jungle and will do everything possible to stop you from doing that. An added strategic element is the new clock he has to beat, which is supposed to add some intensity to the action. Still sorely missed is Baloo, whose movie humor could've livened up each level.


Bright colors fill the jun-gle, and varied backgrounds define the different levels. To survive in the jungle, you must master many moves that will enable you to handle the jungle's obstacles. Do you love gaming and want the game that will give you true excitement and happiness? Watching the film clip will enable you know the right thing to do when presented with different kinds of obstacles on the way inside the Jungle. Find gems in the danger-filled jungles, get past Shere Khan, and make it to the Man Village.

The Jungle Book Story

Everything is slightly speeded up on the Genesis, making it Virgin's most entertaining version yet. Mowgli's main goal is to defeat Shere Khan, the dangerous tiger in the journey. Open embedded menu Add this game to your web page!

The more honey drops you are able to collect the easier for you to unlock the features that will enable progress in the game. Master the environment and become the king of the jungle.

So, if you want to take your gaming experience to another level what you need do is to go ahead and challenge them. It is a game of racing through several obstacles and you must truly be ready to face the obstacles eye ball to eye ball. Go on an adventure with all of your favorite Jungle Book characters and relive the fun you had watching the movie! Jungle Book places you in the role of Mowgli, a mancub who was found floating in the river. Always explore the tops of vines for goodies.

Free Jungle Game for PC The Jungle Book

Are you sure you have what it takes to take your character to the distance you want even in the face of tremendous challenges and obstacles? Three difficulty levels also await you. Once again, youthful Mowgli is hopping and bopping his way through India in search of civilization. Strong controls make the handheld Mowgli the most accurate banana-tosser yet.

Download the android emulator software Andy and it is available for free. Your ability to avoid the dangers on the way will determine your chance of moving forward and attaining the level you want in this game. For the easy mode, the player needs to collect eight gems, or ten for the medium. The characters are as appealing as ever, expressing their personalities with individual movements. Unlock and upgrade your character so as to make it easy for you to run faster and go farther in the Jungle.

You and your friends can compete to know that one that will move faster in the Jungle and avoid all the dangers and obstacles that will come their way. Play Now Download the full version. Inside the Jungle you will find honey drops you have to ensure you collect as many drops as possible.

Free Jungle Game for PC The Jungle Book

Finish the goal as soon as you can to move to the next levels. Befriend a number of characters, and learn a few things as you journey forth. However, the lush jungle graphics and personable characters will make you want to forge ahead. You can bet your bottom dollar that both of these games will be huge successes!

Surf upwards on this bug at the start of the Jungle By Day level for an extra life. There are some veteran gamers waiting online to be challenged in this game.

Free Jungle Game for PC The Jungle Book

The Witch Doctor monkeys are only vulnerable when they turn their shields sideways. This one-player game is full of different things to collect and do. The game is linked to the major social media networks making it easy for players to invite their friends and enjoy quite exciting gaming experience through this game.


For that purpose you are to try your best as Mowgli to run and dodge the enemies. Bungle in the Jungle If you saw the Disney animated flick, you'll be familiar with the characters including Mowgli, Baloo, admin templates html and Bagheera. Now Mowgli is older and must go back to the man-village.

The Jungle Book Story

It combines pick-up-and-play gameplay with one of the smoothest game engines out there, as well as some of the most detailed graphics ever. The many game-play tips will help you anticipate and solve problem ahead. Playing this game will be as much fun to look at as it is to play. The dangers in the jungle will try to stop you by presenting you with several challenges yet loaded with fun and excitement though.

Jump past them and keep firing at Kaa's head. Race as though your life depend on it through the jungle and try as much as possible to dodge and avoid the enemies and other dangers in the Jungle and you will see yourself up there. Look out for the dangerous plants, as well. Not only is the jungle colorfully detailed, but the characters show their personalities through subtle movements. This is to make it easy for you to know the possible things available for you to race in the Jungle to the distance you want.

Jungle Book

So, you must be ready to face serious challenges in the Jungle for you to trick the King and other dangers in the Jungle and collect the honey drops you want. Start the installation of Andy by clicking on the installer file you downloaded. There are several dangers in the Jungle and you are expected to help your character avoid them all. It is a game of jungle racing and your major job is to run as fast as possible, dodge the obstacles and the terrifying enemies on the way. You can win yourself a bragging power when you defeat your friends through this jungle racing game.

He does have a few other talents, such as jumping onto birds for a quick flight. Don't worry, help is on the way. The sounds, unfortunately, push you right out. There is even a Bonus Level you can get to by collecting the shovel. Jump everywhere and watch for telltale glimpses.