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English Conversation

All of your video lessons are great! Finally, the story is being said from the perspective of Luke - as if he told you the story. In the beginning, this may be difficult. Thank you for the great effort you are doing to make English conversation easy to learn for everyone. Real English captures spontaneous situations to help students improve their listening comprehension naturally.

Watch sections of the video with either subtitles or vocabulary pictures and answer the quiz questions. Brits and Americans rarely, very rarely do this. This is not formal English.

At work, I used to be nervous when talking with foreign teachers. All you told us in your video courses are absolutly right! Dear teachers, The video is a summary of your rules. Each lesson also has many interactive tasks you can complete.

Is it difficult for you to understand Americans, Canadians, and British people? Teachers taught us many grammar, but, I had a difficulties to understand it and to learn it deeply. No words seem to be enough to declare my gladness. Thank you for all videos that you have sent. You can also pay with Paypal.

English Conversations

Good morning dear teaches! Thank you very much for your videos, they are simple, accessible and yet very powerful. You want short fast answers, not long answers! Your teaching materials are magnificent, quite clear, sounded enough and easy to understand!

Learners read and listen to the audio conversations to complete various activities. Hi there, all videos are just gorgeous.

They are really innovative and show the most appropiate ways to learn and improve communication. Thank you so much for your help. Have these old, boring methods helped you to speak English confidently? God will always bless you. As I said, the conversation feels real.

Study at home on your computer or take your authentic English practice anywhere with the FluentU mobile app. The program is focused on casual English vocabulary and expressions, to improve your comprehension of authentic English in a variety of contexts. To join our Advanced Conversations Club. All you need are some resources to learn English through real conversations.

How to Learn English Through Real Conversations from Home

How to Learn English Through Real Conversations from Home

Now i m feeling easy to learn english. In that way, I not only learned the meaning of that word, I also understood what the author of the material I am reading is trying to say. Hi there, slum village selfish mp3 The videos are just perfect to imagine how stupid we all have been learning English by text books.

Getting the lessons

That was the only way availiable then to listen to real english people speaking english. In other words, is your English failing in the real world? It would be better for learnrealenglish. It sounds to great the English is easy to understand. As for me, I prefer The American English.

Plus, story is being told from the perspective of another person in the story. Your Real English is wonderful. Full Money Back Guarantee. Through the sentences you gave as an example I can easily understand what you want to refer to see, meaning and adoption of methods.

Hi, i would like to thank you so much for these videos i understand them easily and the sound is good i am sure that i will speak english easily with you. All the videos are fine and the sound is all right, i can hear very well. What I like about the conversation is a fact that teachers use real everyday English.

Getting started with the course Alright. Thank you so much again for your help.

The sound is fantastic and active. You realy influenced on my belief I can speak English fluently. Dear Teachers, Thank you for giving me a chance to learned your lessons, I appreciate all the mails that you leave on my account.

English the Smart WayLearning Grammar

So thank you very much for everything and God bless you. Hi you all, I think your videos are clear and easy to understand. They really help me in my English, especially in speaking.

All the videos are easy to understand. Dear teachers I hope you are ok.

English Conversation