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Nebula merges soft, blurry header elements with crisp lines and lots of white space. Pure is the ideal companion for your Joomla business website.

Blankoshop is a super clean and minimal Virtuemart starter template. Avanti is a smooth business Joomla template with a creative edge - Its the perfect vehicle to put your business out in front at the start of a new decade. Powerplay is an incredibly flexible template with dynamic theming abilities that will help you to create your own business powered Joomla theme right out of the box.

Let the Powerplay Joomla template be a powerhouse for your Joomla site. Updated with a responsive Jomsocial template. While the Rasa Joomla template is not quite a blank slate it's certainly a good clean and simple Joomla template to start building your business website from. Clever is a great template to build your joomla website with, because it is very easy to setup and modify it.

Ascent is a responsive Joomla template built for business, portfolios, telugu jesus mp3 songs portals and blog based Joomla web sites. Hub is an elegant Joomla template that is ideal for magazine and news portal sites. Sidewinder is a slick responsive side-aligned folio Joomla template.

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Slick, sleek and professional, Client will deliver power and flexibility for your next Joomla project. Inspire is an enigmatic and elegant Joomla template.

Shop Ignition is the ideal solution for your online Joomla shop. Colour Shift is a bold and beautiful Joomla Template. The website represents you and your company in the online world.

Its the perfect template for creative artists, green businesses or even handmade arts and crafts websites. The Responsive Joomla Template is the new vanilla skeleton theme from Joomlabamboo. PixelArt is simple Joomla theme that might suit a personal or even a business related project. The corporate Joomla template is a flexible, responsive and clean Joomla template. Profilr is a stunning one page Joomla template that features fullscreen video, fullscreen maps plus a built in slideshow, fullwidth gallery and photoset grid layout.

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Epicure is an elegant responsive Joomla template with subtle textures and refined typography. The Ecolift Joomla template an elegant environmental theme with soft grunge elements combined with an organic crafty feel.

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Many things happened in this period, not only in my life, but also in the online world, especial in Joomla development. Newstream matches simplicity with a bold colour palette to create an elegant Joomla news portal or Joomla magazine template. Collector is all about getting social. Take your blog to the next level with the Novus Joomla template. It comes with a unique left column setup that keeps your menu items up front and on the screen regardless of where your user is on the page.

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Inside Out is a fresh joomla template that is styled perfectly for your online magazine or folio. Newscycle builds on the clean magazine layout from Newstream and adds some funky ribbons, smooth gradients and a smattering of bold colour schemes. Element is a colourful and flexible Joomla template that combines subtle pattern textures with bold colour palettes to create a truly beautiful and versatile Joomla template.

The Platform Joomla Template is a responsive Joomla template aimed at magazine, folio and blog sites. Lifestyle is a stunning Joomla template combining transparency, bold slideshows with a healthy dose of white space. More Download Live Preview. Cultivate is an ideal companion for your yoga or natural medicine Joomla site. Give your client a web site with a clean and corporate feel.

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Journal is an understated personal blog joomla template with a variety of soft and subtle colour schemes.

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Download this template and create a professional website for your business. Customize the layout of your website using the custom styled modules feature, in-built jQuery slideshow and multiple collapsible modules. Wide open space, earthy tonal grunge and a ton of fresh baked style make Ecospirit the perfect green website template. Hello, my name is David and I would kindly introduce one of my best free templates. Corporate and business Joomla templates need to be clean, elegant and fast loading and so we created the Pure template which is all of that plus more.

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