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Aggregate score Aggregator Score Metacritic. There isn't really anything bad I can say about this, really. There is more than one way to buy this game. Subset Games had initially planned to work on the title for about a three-month period after saving enough of their own money to cover expenses for about a year. To start, the game is brutal and unforgiving.

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When enabled, off-topic review activity will be filtered out. It has so many ups and downs as well as so many choices and options to choose from the more you play. Well if you have a robotic crew member he'd be immune and be able to help. Summary Most Helpful Recent Funny. For the above mentioned reasons, this is why the game is tough and gets your adrenaline pumping.

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In combat, the player can manage the ship's systems by distributing power, order crew to specific stations or rooms to repair damage, and fire weapons at the enemy ship. Well if your engines are upgraded enough, you have a better chance of avoiding it. This article is about the video game. Travel on your own spaceship.

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Add new ships, Species of crew, weapons, sectors, situations, You name it! Within the game, both versions of the song play at the same time, with the game cross-fading between the versions based on action in the game. Throughout the game as well, if you have a diverse crew and well upgraded ship, it allows you to have more options when making your choices. On Normal that is a different story where you do need a bit more luck on your side but honestly, if this was reality, time warp it would still be the same concept.

For the concept of faster-than-light travel, see Faster-than-light. The game randomly generates eight space sectors similar to roguelike games, with twenty-some waypoints per sector.

Much of the game will be spent in combat with other spaceships of different alien races and they are all outfitted differently. Off-topic Review Activity. Anyone who as ever wanted to command their own starship is in goods hands with this game. Most definitely, but the adventure you have out-weighs the frustrations of losing and is worth every cent and minute put into it. You will explore hundreds of galaxies during this game on Space.

The player can revisit waypoints, but each warp jump consumes fuel and causes the rebel fleet to advance in each sector, and slowly take over more of the beacons. Your spaceship needs to be safe enough to travel perfectly. By Metascore By user score. The difficulty is insane, and there isn't much of a story there, but everything There isn't really anything bad I can say about this, really. It is very fun and gets me exited.

You manage the Kestrel and its crew as you explore the galaxy. While reception of the game has generally been positive, some reviewers have criticized the game's difficulty level.

But besides that the game has a lot of choices for you to make based on how you want to play and react. Post-apocalyptic indie game. Read more about it in the blog post.

You can also be infuriatingly unlucky no matter how much skill you have. There are a wide variety of weapons you can buy or find and each have their own tradeoffs. During battles, the game becomes a real-time space combat simulator in which the player can pause the game for situation evaluation and command input. The combat is You manage the Kestrel and its crew as you explore the galaxy.

Using resource management for your ship can save you tons of cash that you can use to upgrade other things or purchase more weapons at stores. Combat takes place in pausable real time, and if the ship is destroyed or all of its crew lost, the game ends, forcing the player to restart with a new ship. Once a beacon is taken over, jumping to the beacon will result in an encounter with a rebel cruiser, and will only ever grant the player one piece of fuel as a reward for defeating the ship. Advanced Edition was under development, and would add several new events, ships, equipment and other features to the existing game. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

These races can both be acquired by the player, and fought against on an enemy ship. There comes a point where you get skilled enough to take down the final boss on any ship, you just need to make sure to use the ships potential to the max. The game can be modified by the user to alter the various ship configurations. The sprites for the crew are quite small and it's easy to open a door instead of selecting them and they end up killed by their enemy's hand or some other danger. Randomized Galaxy - Each play-through will feature different enemies, events, and results to your decisions.

For example, the Rock race are more resistant to damage and fire, but are slower than other races. The game also has separate achievements with no gameplay impact.

Meanwhile, you control your crew to keep the ship functioning and fight off intruders. No two play-throughs will be quite the same. Other waypoints may appear as distress calls from stranded ships or traps set by rebels or pirates a ship that has been taken over by a hostile group. After a few replays you start to see patterns in encounters and know what path to pick even before you read the whole thing. Strategic, real-time combat involves managing power between essential systems and choosing which enemy systems to target.

Encounters are more dangerous, and give better rewards, in later sectors of the game. Reroute all power to the engines in an attempt to escape, power up additional weapons to blow your enemy out of the sky, or take the fight to them with a boarding party? Complex Strategic Gameplay - Give orders to your crew, manage ship power distribution and choose weapon targets in the heat of battle. This game sucked me in extremely fast. Some encounters just seem predetermined for you to fail or lack any substantial rewards to risk your crew and ship over.

Opening doors and hatches is also similarly difficult in the heat of battle. Another large part of this game is upgrading your ships systems and subsystems. It is your one ship against the entire rebel fleet until you reach the final sector.

You can opt for heavy shields, powerful engines for manoeuvring, or a bit of both. Advanced Edition was praised for the intuitive touch controls, fine-tuned to work on the device.

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However if you want to get a lot of the secret end game ships such as the crystal ship or weapons, then yes there is a lot of randomness behind that. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. An additional Hard difficulty mode was also introduced. Excluding Off-topic Review Activity. Prunty retained the rights to the soundtrack, and since has been able to offer it on Bandcamp.

The game has a very high replay value, but that might be due to the game's quite short playthrough. Be the Captain You Want - Hundreds of text based encounters will force you to make tough decisions.

You can easily dispatch another ship only for your own to be engulfed in flame leaving you with one crew member and a wrecked ship that needs to be repaired. Advanced Edition is included free for anyone who purchases the game from this point forward. In this game you control a spaceship on the run from the rebel fleet. The initial development by the two-man Subset Games was self-funded, and guided towards developing entries for various indie game competitions.

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