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Influenced by psychedelic-soaked parties in the American midwest, Eris Drew transformed her identity through a shamanic relationship to raving. It took me exactly five minutes and twenty seconds to become a Peggy Gou fan. When she swings back home as a guest of the House Of Mince, it's always an event.

Order by newest oldest recommendations. Suffused in bells, voices, and muted pulses, the results are magical, as atmospheric as a forest clearing under a full moon.

Usually at home I prefer mixes that stay on a relatively low simmer, but sometimes you really need to get the blood pumping. Pitchfork is the most trusted voice in music.

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Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Open share drawer. Living in New York, there are several things I miss about my hometown Sydney.

Caldwell's recent entry to the Slices mix series is already on my missing-Sydney rotation. It has an air of purity and serenity coursing through the ambience, emanating from the meditative beats and smooth transitions. Six months after first writing about this mix, I still find myself puzzling over its feints and dodges. Australia's Claire Morgan is rightfully killing it in Europe right now.

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These are big, bold tracks full of lumbering bass and complicated syncopations, with brutality and grace balancing precariously. Back in April, ahead of a whirlwind summer, Willow recorded this all-vinyl mix for Resident Advisor's long-running podcast series. While considerably less bumping than one of his late-night sets, it perfectly soundtracks a Sunday at home. Behind the decks, though, her sound assumed an entirely different shape. Clubbing Electronic music Experimental music.

The final stretch, which goes from bludgeoning techno to sparkling coldwave in three easy steps, is particularly exhilarating. If Dust offered a more nuanced look at her sound, her Discwoman mix catapulted it into a whole new dimension.

Wake up with this and you might never need coffee again. Her recent mix for Germany's Groove Magazine condenses all those instincts to a tight hour, going out with the sublime Djrum remix of Synkro's Look At Yourself. Many consider it South African unique implementation of hip hop.

The result is a fierce and feverish hour of music where typical beat-matching techniques are relinquished to intuition and inhibition. It looks to be an early weekend as Master Cheng Fu returns with another episode of his mix series. In his mix, he creates a gentle symphony, weaving together Gaelic choral singing, ambient synths and Cuban jazz piano.

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Unlike other categories, house music tells a story of how the people live, struggles and battles. Smallpeople have been pushing a distinct brand of melodic and subtle deep house via their Smallville label and Hamburg-based record store. Neither a turntablist nor a house evangelist, jigsaw puzzle games for girls Drew combines their respective approaches with rave and breakbeat bombs volleyed in with dramatic flair. Topics The month's best mixes.

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Most South Africans could without much of a stretch identify with the music since it is far beyond just the beats. The streak of Bluelle continues unchecked as he races through unto a brand new episode of his notorious mix series. And this year, the most exceptional sets were those in which old hierarchies continued to break down and an anything-goes spirit took on fresh urgency. Like all years, was a big one for the electronic scene. Different spaces breed different vibes.

Over two hours, The Black Madonna coaxes maximum impact out of her records, never letting the mood dip far below joyous. The pulse-pounding tribal beats, the soaring, emotive synths and the commanding flow seem to tell a story the more you listen. This podcast by the Berlin-based Aussie happens to be two hours of thrilling, cinematic techno on the borderlands of trance, featuring music by Steve Rachmad, Truncate, Jeff Mills and Luke Slater. Living vicariously through the SoundCloud of Racketeer and all-round Sydney legend Simon Caldwell doesn't quite match a night under the copper ceiling, but it's still something. Throw this on when you need a pick-me-up.

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It has disco singalongs, driving basslines, house hallelujahs and punchy, tactile mixing. Not many musicians could gather Meredith Monk, Jeremih, and Folke Rabe under the same roof, much less tell such a cohesive story with their music. Mixed fast and tight, the set tosses up surprises every giddy few bars. Depending on the night, you might get deep house, electro, ambient, or techno that runs the spectrum from moody to slamming. It spread rapidly and infected a great deal of the population due to the South African interest in drum beats.

Time will tell how durable their efforts prove, but the exuberance and determination here is undeniable. Where her album leans toward spongy textures and subtle details, her selections here are surprisingly full-on. Full of surprising tempo shifts and inventive transitions, the set demands a dark, heaving room. In case that sounds too heavy or serious, know that Fred P. Berlin-based New Yorker and Bu-Mako and Sound Warrior label boss Jenifa Mayanja showcases her veteran skills and impeccable taste on this infectious mix.