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Some of the noteworthy mughal emp This books covers the entire history from Taimur until the last mughal emperor Bahadur Shah. Orientation towards Arts and Music - those emperors who have patronized Arts and Music have created marvellous wonders that will continue to live even after their demise. The best thing about this book is the author has written it like a movie screenplay, not one line is boring.

The colloquial writing of Madhan is the value addition to this book. This books covers the entire history from Taimur until the last mughal emperor Bahadur Shah.

Open Preview See a Problem? For in every avatar, he surges ahead with complete understanding of the time and context, keeping his audience in splits withing seconds! This book is not regular history book, since this is non fictional bare face truth but its not.

Its total history non fictional book. The way he express the events with the mood of locals is freezing and never miss to amaze the reader, author added bites of interesting events along with the glean of the story which is dazzling. There is enogh proof to suggest that emperors who have pardoned the traitors have met with unfortunate events resulting in death or loss of kingdom. It also describes how the Persian and Afghan invaders etched away the wealth of our nation. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

During s, he started his career as cartoonist at Ananda Vikatan magazine. He came in as a cartoonist and conquered the hearts of his readers. Though he started out as a cartoonist and was expected to be ready with the most effective punch lines every week, he was soon prodded into contributing original jokes for the magazine. Humour is all about timing, whether in cartoons or films, and Madhan knows that only too well. Totally a great work by madhan, photo video mixer software A great historical treasure in my bookshelf.

Madan authors name put the blocks in proper order which makes this book one of mile stone in modern nonfictional story telling. In the absence of any one of these ingredients, it could taste like beer gone flat. Sceptical at first, he began contributing jokes along with his cartoons.

Overall a good read for history lovers. Humayan was the best example since he was kind enough to pardon repeat offenders of royal trust. In my opinion, Akbar was the most impressive mughal emperor since he had a pragmatic view on India. Good historical analysis of the Mughal rulers.

A cartoonist is born not made

It speaks on the arrival of powerful Persian emperors, and terms them as looters, it is fact but no king will be graceful to anyone other than his own countrymen, and that is the universal truth. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Be open to other's view points. Very interesting narration by author brings the reader a joyful mood to know about the part of Mohul Samraj in Indian history. How download this book to read? He accepted all religions and ruled in a true securalist fashion. Great book to know the mughal rulers of India.

A cartoonist is born not made - The Hindu

Emperor should be dynamic and always engage himself in constructive activites. But now I feel they are no different.

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Awsome history book written in beautiful and engaging Tamil. Indian History Reference book. The book gives good insights into the history behind the Hindu - Muslim issues in India and the circumstances which lead to the British rule. You can accept A must read book for everyone who loves Indian history. But in turn Rahul speaks politely on how the Aryans came from the North west Europe to India, the number of wars they waged against the natives of India and took control over the land.

Equally important are the several Rajput and Maratha kings who fought valiantly against the then mighty Mughal empire, Rana Pratap Singh and Chatrapathi Sivaji definitely posed a big threat to them. This book sewed from collection of various episodes published in Tamil weekly Ananda Vikadan. One thing led to another, and soon Madhan, the cartoonist, was no longer confined to his desk. If you want to know history of mughals and know why there is distinction in nor Some books will change the thought that you had for life time, this is one such book. If you want to know history of mughals and know why there is distinction in north and south india, this could will be a very good read.

Starts with Timur's invasion of Delhi and follows with all the empires which ruled India and ends with last Mughal emperor Bahadur shah getting exiled to Rangoon. Madan did a rock bottom historical reading to collect and collate these details for sure. This book not only made me understand history of mughals but also influenced by philosophical thoughts more. One interesting fact about Tughlaq is that he was the first one to introduce Demonetization in India to combat fake currency. Both are invasions - worst barbaric invasions that this land had witnessed, calling one as good and labeling the other as bad, allow us to doubt the writer's partial approach.

Everyone knows the splendour of Taj Mahal and Shah Jahan who constructed it. Madhan owes his success to his parents - the humour bone from his maternal side and his ability to draw from his paternal side.

Madhan (writer)

This book has made me think a lot and think different. Akbar was the best example for this, he even attempted to create a new religion called Din-Elahi imbibing best principles from multiple religions. Some books will change the thought that you had for life time, this is one such book.

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It is a general notion that non-fiction history books are boring. Hema Iyer Ramani traces it. Under his leadership, the readership of Vikatan rose manifold. Those sultans who have indulged too much in sensory pleasures could not achieve great results.

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He spread his wings and moved to other arenas such as journalism and television. However, it was only when he started out at Ananda Vikatan that he discovered the world outside and within him.

Submit Please enter a valid email address. Altest at this stage of my life I came to know the history of India.

Though one can wonder how accurate are the historical details given in the book, but all history events has many versions and the author has given his version. At the time without knowing the precise history i just spewed out what I've mugged up. Related Topics Friday Review cartoons and animation. How they swallowed the deities of the land with their - religion called - Saivism - Vaishnavism - Vedicism.

King should never accept a traitor back to his trust group. You can accept it or argue about it, but still don't miss to read this. Good to read about mugals.

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