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You don't often get the chance to jump behind the wheel of a toy race car, but this driving game is something special. Help him pull off cool stunts, and avoid destroying his bike, in this racing game. This game should rock any racers boat!

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The good old demolition derby, where only the most hardcore players will succeed. These guys are travelling around the world and enjoying extreme rides along the way.

Auto shipping, auto movers, auto transport is also considered among the common specification. What do you say, are you in?

Why are traffic lights controlled by computers? So come try it yourself and you will see that this game offers much more than this and that you will do not want to play anything else!

Highway Racer In this exhilarating racing game, metal gear solid 3 pc full game the object is to drive along a busy highway at night and try to avoid the oncoming traffic. You can drive freely with two cars in the open game map. Drivers Ed Direct - Parking Game. Training Race i The game Training Race offers much more than other racing games that rely heavily on circuit races and duels with other racers. Driving games are mainly of two types and they are driving simulation and arcade driving.

Island Jet Ski Tournament. Real drifting pros do not need just rear-wheel drive cars to perform amazing stunts on a track. You have to adjust your speed to achieve your goal, that means you don't want to drive furiously. He needs someone responsible who is able to park any car no matter what.

Each one is filled with crushed cars, barriers, gaps and other stuff that could really wreck your monster truck. You do not have enough money to buy all those fancy and expensive farming vehicles that would make your life easier. Long hours of fun are waiting for you in a world in which there are no limits, restrictions, or stupid rules. Tons of customizable cars and tracks to unlock means hours and hours of never-ending fun and entertainment.

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You say you have not seen anything like this before? Can you help this motocross driver stay safe while he takes on some of the toughest tracks on the planet? First of them is free ride where you gain access to a huge map and absolute freedom in what you are about to do. This can get a lot crazy, especially in multiplayer when players come up with extreme combinations of obstacles. If you want to upgrade to a new car, you can earn virtual money per kilometre driven.

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Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for hours and hours of driving action with total freedom! Would you be able to tame these beasts and make their engines blow during the crazy ride? Anyway the most important is that you can change set up of each car! Gather some speed and use them to jump in the air and perform some insane flips and twists. Start practicing right now and become a pro bike racer and rule all your competition.

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Great effort of mechanics and ideal car setup for a unique driving experience. Car Challenger i The game Car Challenger offers more than just ordinary sightseeing tour.

Each pro will has his own style, but most games will not allow you to complexly modify the cars behavior. We have tried to keep the list as varied as possible so that you can choose whatever platform best suits your needs. You can test your driving skills by weaving through the traffic and dodging numerous cars and trucks. Can you get into these tight spots without bumping your car? You are known as a first person who did double backflip with perfect landing.

Car driving games go from parking perfection to crazy stunt action. Convertible City Driving Sim. You think you know your ways on a car?

If you fail, you will go home without your car, but if you succeed, you will get invited into the real drifting elite. The Free Roam mode allows you to explore the city and challenge competitors at will to races on different tracks. Heavyweight machinery versus ordinary cars, laughable. Was it real or was it just a fake? You will not face any traffic or obstacles, so you can practise your manoeuvres in peace.

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The sharp turns and varied races will put your souped-up speedster to the test. Each level has a time-based rating system with bronze, silver and gold trophies to play for. Take them out of your garage, and turn the engines on. When you visit the garage, you will find out that you can do virtually anything with your car.

Your aim is to build a vehicle of destruction and compete against other drivers in a race to the death. Drift Z i The city is covered by darkness. Parking Perfection One of the key elements of any driving test is parking and this fun freebie game will give you a lot of practice.

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Arcade driving is also known as arcade racing. Top Speed Sport Cars i Are you a fan of high-octane driving games? Leave your sister at home, because she does not understand the cars, and she would just irritate you during your ride with her nonsense talks. Guide these emergency vehicles through traffic as quick as you can. Prove haters that you are legend for a reason, and show more than just this trick.

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And since also the most expensive car sold in the world. Hit the beach and race your way across the sand on this awesome bike before time runs out.

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Offroad Truck Driver i We are looking for new drivers! Customer review says that Formula Racer series are considered as the most popular and challenging driving games.