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We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Alarm System You can open the luggage compartment lid even when the alarm system is armed, by Online Edition for Part no. Active steering is no longer operational.

Page Tire Pressure Monitor has failed. Page You can continue your journey, but moderate your speed and exercise due caution.

Controls All features and accessories that are useful for driving and your safety, comfort and convenience are described here. Headlamp beam throw adjustment Have the headlamp beam throw adjust- system failed ment system checked.

Emergency calling system has failed or Have the system checked as soon as is malfunctioning possible. After World War I, the company begins to produce motorcycle engines, and then the whole cycle of production and assembly of motorcycles is already underway at the plant. Some Check Control messages remain visible until the malfunctions have been rectified.

Among them, we can mention the anti-lock braking system, electronic engine management, the introduction of turbocharging in the automotive industry. Automatic Locking The central locking system automati- cally locks the vehicle as soon as you drive off. The fuel filler door remains unlocked. Reading Lamps Reading lamps There are reading lamps at the front and rear next to the interior lamps.

Bmw owners manual

During the Second World War, the company again switched to the production of aircraft engines, and also develops rocket and jet engines. Central Locking System In the event of a sufficiently severe accident, the central locking system unlocks automatically. Electric steering wheel lock engaged Move the steering wheel before starting the engine. Steering Wheel Fold the lever down.

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If several malfunctions occur Online Edition for Part no. Reference Reference Reference This chapter contains technical data and an index that will help you find information most quickly. We wish you an enjoyable driving experience. The indica- Online Edition for Part no.

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Page Have the vehicle checked. Engine Oil The oil level is checked and the reading dis- You can have the oil level reading displayed in played. You can specify Online Edition for Part no. Checking Coolant Level Checking coolant level The engine must be at ambient tempera- ture. Switching Off The Engine P.

Page Be careful when installing the cover, oth- Fold the wire bracket down and engage it. Cup Holders Hold or touch the hot cigarette lighter by the knob only. Avoid sudden braking and steer- changed, all email password hacking software reset the system.

To switch the engine off when the selector lever is in position N, the remote control must be in the ignition switch. Page High-beam headlamp failed Have the high-beam headlamps checked. Punc- Have the system checked. Automatic Climate Control Air flows at maximum rate only as well. Manual Operation This button serves to unlock or lock doors and the luggage compartment lid, but does not acti- vate the anti-theft system.

Page Have the system checked immedi- ately. The window opens automatically. Driving Tips Driving tips Driving tips This section provides you with information useful in dealing with specific driving and operating conditions. Otherwise, an accident risk could result.



At A Glance The section will also assist you in becoming acquainted with the control concepts and options available for operating the various systems. Page Have the system checked as soon as possible.

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The adjusting procedure is halted immediately when you touch a seat adjustment switch or one of the memory buttons. In addition, if you have Online Edition for Part no. Safety Belts The belt hand-over will extend only if the seat is senger unfasten their safety belts.

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Lamps Online Edition for Part no. Page Spare fuses and a pair of plastic forceps are set in holders on the distributor box. Using This Owner's Manual Symbols on vehicle components Indicates that you should consult the rel- evant section of this Owner's Manual for information on a particular part or assembly. And carefully selected charts and tables perfectly complement the collected material. Page Online Edition for Part no.

Avoid sudden braking and Online Edition for Part no. When the sys- Online Edition for Part no.

Have the engine checked with- out delay if the situation reoccurs. Online Edition for Part no. Washer Fluid Do not use the washers if there is any danger that the fluid will freeze on the Online Edition for Part no. Ventilated Storage Compartment To play audio tracks over the car's loudspeaker e.