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As the name sounds, the game is bizarre. The graphics are chilling and the sound effects will keep you on the edge of your seats. You have to keep collecting the hearts to keep down the adrenaline.

The levels get difficult with each passing. The game is fast and visually stunning. The controls, do look easy but mind you, dear reader, this game is not easy to master.

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The only thing that can get you out now, is your legendary wit and application of mind. This just makes it more exciting! While Bowling, you can select where you have to bowl and spin the ball according to you.

Simply, tap on the screen and refer the dotted links to shoot the target board. This is an award-winning game that will surely give you some adrenaline rush. Collect coins on the way to buy new props and power-ups for your shadow skater. You simply need to jump over the objects or accelerate on the road and get the scores as possible as you can. In this small game, there are many features that are fun to Play.

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It will surely make you remember the old Mario games. An all and all shooting game which moves you to the world of crime and assassins.

You can drive a tractor and build bridges, using some realistic physics. The graphics are super cool and so are the Zombies. All games are superior to their genre to give a tough competition to those high-weighted and high-powered games. You can perform death-defying stunts and go crazy with those wheels!

The Game is simple and easy to play, just stretch the stick to reach and walk on the Platform, if the stick is not long, you will fall down. The touch panel controls the speed and all the turns of the ball. Incrediblock is the traditional brick breaker game but with some useful modifications.

Developed by Vanilla Web, the game is very simple with interface, theme and background score, but still a time-killer. The Game includes lots of slot tracks with four-lane tracks, loopings and real-scale Grand Prix tracks. Hundreds of levels and increasing difficulty and challenges with every level promises you a fantastic game.

The Game is played by millions of people and is highly rated on Play Store. Every perfect shoot will give you some points. If you love Playing Basketball, then this Game is for you. Avoid touching the red wall or the game will be over. You have to hop from one orbit to another and keep yourself alive by hopping to different orbits.

You can even create your own levels and share it with your friends to challenge them. Are you looking for massive growth online, but not sure how to get it? Pressing the left side of the screen will make the ball speed up and pressing on the right side will make it slow. Skyball lite make all the laws of physics useless and creates the world full of unconsciousness, disorientation, and unsettling. It is the best adventure and zombie shooting game ever made!

As we are on the verge of finishing the article, I want to tell all you guys that you can try all the games mentioned above to have fun. Here is a list of all of these games, 3 idiots full hindi movie hd scroll down to see the new additions and the honorary mentions in this category. These Games are easy to Play and can be played in your free time. Here you have to find ways to jump downwards using shadows in both black and white platforms.

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This is a Game used by millions of people and is highly rated on Google Play Store. Thank you for sharing this. This time they came up with a fantastic idea where you have to jump your obstacles to keep moving and beat your high score.

Take it as a challenge and download this now! The Game is easy to Play, just tap on the screen, drag the dotted links and finally release to shoot. How will you break through the prison and fool the authorities? Initially, the game is easy to play but slowly the path becomes curious and starts moving, and the game becomes extremely difficult to carry out.

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To Play this Game, you simply have to tap anywhere on the screen and drag left or right to move the ball. This sounds and looks easy but you do have to apply some amount of logic to move on to the higher levels.

30 Best Games Under 10 MB Play for Free

If Yes, then you might also love playing Cricket Games. This game is about a rag doll, on a cycle making his way to the end of every level, to get on to the next.

You will get missions like Racing, Drifting, Car Parking, etc. The inspiring music will surely get you going. The tracks are legit crazy, where the opponent is the track itself because its all hay-wire, in a good and challenging way! The better you get at the game, the more access you have.

Crouch, jump, and boost, find your way till the end of the level. This Game is similar to the above Basketball game. Several levels, each harder than the last one.



They have a huge inventory of things you will need and guns of all kinds. It is a Tap to Shoot Game where you can score high and compete with your friends. This low memory Android game is just so much fun to play!